2018 Genesis Open – Bubba Wins Again

2-Time Masters winner Bubba Watson should be thought of as a great golfer, a golfer who can shape the ball seemingly any way he wants. Yet, last year he dropped over a hundred spots in the World Rankings, lost 20lbs due to an illness, and made an absolutely insane decision to play what appeared to be a Putt Putt ball for no reason other than he saw it on the Long Drive Competition and thought it was cool. The ball is the most important tool a golfer uses and he picked it on a whim without testing it!

Bubba has a propensity for making weird decisions though. He owns both a hovercraft golf cart and the actual General Lee used in the Dukes of Hazzard. He also eats at Waffle House more than any rational human being should. This week he appeared on the Ellen Show:

And played in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game where he got promptly stuffed by Tracy McGrady (why the Celebrity All-Star Game has actual former NBA players in it is another weird deal):


And, oh yeah, he won the Genesis Open this week too. We obviously don’t know exactly what medical condition caused Bubba to lose 20lbs last year but he’s gained the weight back, switched back to the ProV1 and is back to giving us some of the best trajectory porn around. You’re free to feel however you want about Bubba (#PrayForTedScott is real) but it’d be a losing argument to say he’s not fun to watch when he’s rolling. He’s a goofy, strange human being who clearly has some anger issues but every time he does something like this it moves a little:


The winner at Riviera every year is also a pretty good indicator for who could make a run at Augusta so Bubba (who already has 2 green jackets) showing that he’s back to form here makes me think that he’ll have a strong showing in early April. And is it too early for Ryder Cup team planning? We all know just how bad Bubba wants to be on the Ryder Cup team. The rumor is that he’s already been talking to Jim Furyk about it and in 2016 when Davis Love III called Bubba to tell him he didn’t make the team, Bubba asked if he could be a vice-captain instead which is something that no player in history has ever done. Bubba’s father, Gerry Watson, taught him how to play golf and the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor is the last time he got to see Bubba play so the tournament will always have a special place in Bubba’s heart. If Bubba is back to his Major winning ways the US Team has a very good chance at stealing one in Paris this year.

It was a crazy week with the crowd that Tiger brings to tournaments and literally everything involving Bubba but overall a very fun weekend of golf. The Honda Classic this coming weekend should be more of the same. Tiger confirmed he would be playing at PGA National in between the 7th and 8th hole on Friday. We’ll see how his body holds up 2 weeks in a row. Chances are he’ll be paired up with Patrick Reed on Thursday if, like this week, he’s looking for someone he’s comfortable playing with to ease back into tournament play.

As always, follow us on Twitter: @btmgolf and have a great week!

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