2018 Genesis Open – Preview

It’s the best season of the year: Is Tiger Back? season. Tiger hasn’t played at Riviera since 2006 when he withdrew with the flu. I’m all in on Tiger being back. Coincidentally, the flu is also back this year. It’s killing 4,000 people a week which is roughly the same amount Tiger was killing in Call of Duty in 2017. Every time I start to think “Ehhhh Tiger may still have some issues…” I see something like this

and I instantly believe he will win 5 more majors.

In a TOTALLY RANDOM draw for pairings he’s been paired up with Rory and Justin Thomas. There’s a 0% chance they’re not the featured group for Thursday’s coverage. Tiger being paired with Rory is what led to the greatest golf commercial of all time.

The Genesis Open will also be host to 14 of the Top 25 golfers in the world right now which makes for a very fun field. However, one of those 14 is Rory who can’t seem to get his putter figured out. After 5-putting last week at Pebble Beach he threw his ball into the ocean which has never come back to haunt anyone before…

Realistically, someone like Dustin Johnson or Justin Thomas or Charley Hoffman will end up winning but if Tiger plays well no one will even care. I fully expect CBS to not even show the winner and only focus on the Big Cat because Tiger’s back baby let’s go

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